Rechargeable LED Candle with Remote Control (Warm White)   .. Product #: KIT 106/500/12WW+PL based on 0 reviews Regular price: $159.00 $159.00

Rechargeable LED Candle with Remote Control (Warm White)

Product Code: KIT 106/500/12WW+PL

Price: €159.00

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Spare Parts:

• 12 Warm White LED Rechargeable candles with IR Remote Control (Candle Light Flame)
• IR Enabled - Able to Switch the candles ON/OFF by Remote Control (Remote Control included)
• 1 Base power adapter for linking together max 3 Charging Tray
• Recharging by induction (no pin) & Light Indicator built in each candle (Red light indicator: recharging / Green light indicator: fully charged)
• Universal Remote control for all candles
• 22 hours burning time
• 8 hours recharged time
• Flicker, Steady, & Off Flame Modes with IR (one IR for all 12 candles)
• Candle dimensions: Diameter: 4 cm / High: 5 cm.
• Switch OFF/ON bottom of each candle led so you can use also in manual mode
• +/- 500 Cycles


  • Standard OFF/ON
  • Selectable Brightness Level (Bright & Dim)
  • Auto Off Timer Function (4 or 8 hours)
  • Controlled by wireless handled IR Remote
  • Selectable Flickering and Non-Flickering steady Light
Candle Concept system can be used either indoors and outdoors as it resit wind. It is very easy to use with its remote control.
You can place the candle in our shaded lamps or in our candleholders to give amazing table decoration.

SPACE SAVER: charger trays (36 LED candles) can be connected together, using one power adapter only.
GREEN PRODUCT: as it does not produce any emission
SMART INDUCTION: charging system with a light indicator in each LED candle to indicate when it is charging (red light) or fully charged (green light)
SWITCH OFF/ON: on each candle led so you can use manual mode
EASY TO USE R/C: a remote control universal for all LED candles with many features
SAFE CANDLE LED: as they are completely sealed
COST SAVING: can be used up to 500 cycles
LONG LASTING LIGHT: Burns for 22 hours
RECHARGED: Fully charged in 9 hours
CHOOSE YOUR MOOD: two modes for the flam FLICKER and STATIC mode
WARRANTY: one year warranty on charger and LED candle under normal use.



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